Monday, January 20, 2014

Clear air in Seoul

Hello readers! Long time no see~

I have been really busy these days so I can't make a post. But, I'm trying to write again. Today I want give my opinion about the improvement policies of Seoul Metropolitan Government. Actually, this is a part of task as Global Seoul Mate. I have to choose one favorite policy from 10 Top Policy. I can't choose one of them because these policy is good but, I have to. So, I will pick up policy number 3!

We know that smoke from cigarette is really not good for our health. These days our air contaminated with many pollutant. Cigarrate is responsible for this. These contaminated air will causes many risk for our health. Know that Seoul Metropolitan Government will expand No-Smoking Zone is really great. This policy will make the clearer air and comfort a lot of people. I always dream that I can stay away from smoke. Reading this new policy increasing my interest of Seoul. It's really great if we can live in modern city with beautiful scenery and clear air.