Saturday, September 14, 2013

Where to Learn Korea?

Korea has many aspects to explore, the society, economy, culture, also entertainment. We must need a trusted resources for that. Have you found difficulties to find these resources? In this post, I want share resources that I use to learn about Korea. 

First - KOREA Magazine

This Magazine is published by KOCIS (Korea Culture and Information Service). KOCIS is part of Korean Government. So we don't need to worry about the article accuracy. This magazine is published each month, available in printed and digital version. This Magazine is filled with fresh and great article from many aspect. From culture, policy, entertainment, current situation, food, even there is a small Korean lesson. This magazine is really great because it's like light material but really meaningful. You can imagine current situation in Korea too. You can subscribe their printed version for free by fill this form.
KOREA Magazine

Second - Korean Cultural Center

Korean cultural center is a place that managed by KOCIS provide everything about Korea to you. It has 25 branches around the world. For detail list you can check here. Korean Cultural Center is equipped with library so you can find out any Korean books or books related to Korea. They have some computer with internet so you can surf any information about Korea there. You also can experience Korean culture at Korean Cultural Center. They have some class and event. In Indonesia Korean Cultural Center have Korean Class or Traditional Korean Music class. They also have regular exhibition about Korean Art. Have you ever try Hanbok? You should try wear Hanbok. Korean Cultural Center in Indonesia give a chance to try Hanbok every Friday.
Photo taken from KCC Facebook

Third - University

Almost university provided their student with a lot of resources. So if you want to deep understand about Korea. Study History in specific you can find in University library. Note that you should go to University that offer Korean studies major. This place is really suitable if you want learn Korea in academic ways. Also help you to do a research. In my Univ, University of Indonesia there is special room for Korean and Chinese resources. There are a lot of book to learn about Korea. From History till book of Korean recipe.
A book borrowed from library in my University

Five - Korea Tourism Organization

How about Tourism? You can go to KTO website or KTO Office in your country. You will find further explanation about Korea Tourism. Such as places and tips. They also offer guide book for you. Besides that, KTO also have e-book for you in their website. KTO focuses their information to Tourism. It's have lot of information to understand Korea Tourism.