Friday, September 6, 2013

Two-day, one night Seoul course of Hallyu Tour : Drama & Movie

This post is made for 2nd mission as Global Seoul Mate! :D
This is my recommendation for Two-day, one night Seoul course of Hallyu Tour with Drama & Movies Theme.

Day 1 Lunchtime~
Look around and enjoy scenery around you in Buamdong and take your lunch Jaha Sonmandu (자하손만두) a restaurant that expert in hand-made Mandu (Korean dumplings). Now you can eat dumplings that you have seen in Korean drama! Buamdong was filmed for up to 3 popular drama like My lovely Sam Soon’ and ‘The First Shop of the Coffee Prince.’  and  City Hunter.

Day 1 Experience 1~
Go to Bukchon Hanok Village. As we know Korea is place where Harmony is maintained well. You can see the modern side and traditional side of Korea. Hanok Bukchon Village is one of them. You can see how's Hanok (Korea Traditional Houses) in real. It just like in Personal Taste, a Hanok that harmony with modern things. For the site click here

Day 1 Experience 2~
Go to Seoul Color Park the place that shoot for City Hunter drama. This place is located near Hangang River. This place have great view and you can relax there. This place was taken for drama title City Hunter.

Day 1 Experience 3~
After relax, go to Kyobo bookstore, it's the largest bookstore in Korea! You must have seen this place in The First Shop of Coffee Prince drama. There is a corner for foreigner too. Don't forget to buy some Korean textbook? It may enhance your Korean, so it will easier to watch Korean drama! Even without subtitles~ Not only that, this store is near statue of Admiral Yi Soon Shin, If you ever watch You're the best drama you must know this place. Also this place is several times appear in another drama.

Day 1 Dinner
Do you still remember Boy Over Flower? Then go to N Seoul Tower. As you know it's not just a tower. They have great restaurant. Don't forget to see beautiful Korea scenery in night. You can try the cable car too!

Lodging Day 1
After a long trip today, just take a rest near N Seoul Tower. It's Pacific Hotel (퍼시픽 호텔) You can relax! Besides that this hotel just need 10 minutes walk to shopping district like Dongdaemun and Namdaemun. Just in case if you want go out and experience Dongdaemun Night Market?

Day 2 Breakfast
Take your breakfast at CJ Food World~ You must seen several times eat scene like Korean shaved ice-Patbingsu also brand Tous les Jours that seen in Dream High drama. This place is center of them. You can find the 17 brand restaurants that own by CJ. There are CJ Farm too, corner that dedicate for educational purposes. It would be great to finish your trip with great cuisine. Right? :)