Thursday, August 1, 2013

Enjoy your 김!

Do you know Gim?

Korean Laver Dried Seaweed or known as 김 (Gim) in Korea. Maybe many Indonesian know as Nori. It's very thin dried seaweed. Usually, Gim sell in seasoned and unseasoned. Gim seasoned with salt and roasted with sesame oil or olive oil. Recently, there are other flavor to Gim like kimchi and wasabi taste. When you come to supermarket you will found two size of Gim. One is like a sheet paper you need cut it before eat, other already cut into smaller size that suit to wrap one spoon rice. According to Gim consumed with rice or as snack. Gim is really delicious, the taste and smell is unique. It also crispy it's really unique taste. Besides that, Gim also have health some benefit. 

So, if you first time try Gim these some way to enjoy your Gim!

First - Wrap rice with your Gim. Just put one layer of Gim and wrapped with your chopstick. You need to eat this fast so you can feel the crispy sense. You can wrap made some wrapped rice with Gim first then you eat. I usually do this when eat with soup. It will give additional taste to your rice. 

Second - Cut your Gim into small pieces and use it as a topping for any meal. Remember to eat your meal with Gim topping first to ensure you get the crispy taste. 

Third - wrap your noodle, your ramyeon with gim. It enhance the taste and once again give the crispy sense. The chewy noodle meet the crispy and unique seaweed is really perfect. I suggest you to try. 

Fourth - put your Gim to your meal. Wheter it's noodle or just other meal with rice based. This time, don't need to eat fast. Let your Gim lose their crispy. It will give another taste. You can taste that even  this laver is very thin their taste will never lose. They enhance the flavor in your meal. 
Fifth - Just eat that. You can eat your Gim as snack! Crispy, delicious and healthy snack!

As I said before. Laver or dried seaweed have a health benefit too. Acording to dried seaweed rich in vitamin K and folate that can protect you from cell damage and osteoporosis. It also have phytonutrients like fucan that can help reduce inflammatory. Lastly, carotenoids in seaweed help you prevent cancer, heart disease, and stroke. This is nutritional facts for 2.3 g seasoned laver.

Where to get Gim? At every supermarket near you. Gim already shipped to many countries. In Indonesia you can go to major supermarket. Price for Gim in Indonesia is 3,4 dollar for each 8 package. Each package have 5 grams of seasoned laver. Price is adjusted to other brand and size, also with oil to roasted it. Usually seasoned laver that roasted with olive oil is more expensive than use sesame oil.

Don't forget to take one. And experience Korea at your home!

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