Thursday, August 15, 2013

Digital Guide

What you do you think if you have a chance go to Korea? You may don't want miss great places and events during your visit in Korea. So, do you need a guide right? As technology develop, smartphones users increased, digital guide is available now. As we know, Korea is one of the country that have high speed internet. So don't worry if you need internet to access this following app. According to article public Wi-Fi is available in many public areas. 

So, These several app that I will share with you. First is iTourSeoul. This app is developed by Seoul Metropolitan Government, it's official app. Luckily, to run this app you doesn't require internet connection. Just some feature like real tourist review is not accessible when not connected to Internet. So, firstly after you install this app they will ask you for further download so you can run this app without Internet. This app has variety information like attractions, dining, shopping, hotels, event, tours & itineraries, taxi information, public transit, medical tourism, and even Gangnam tourism. So, why you must install this app? 
  • this app stable - basic on my experience using this app, this app never crash
  • nearby features - this feature enable you to know places, event around you
  • sorted functions - this app enable you to sort places, event bye their popularity, distance, or name. this functions really help you when places and event pop-up in our minds but we don't remember it well.
  • tourist review - this feature enable you to see review from traveler review when they are in Seoul.
  • transportation guide - this feature (taxi information and public transport) make sure you will not get lost in Seoul. They completely guide you about all available public transport.
  • hotline - there is button Hotline that just with one click you will directly contact Hotline center. Remember that this feature will reduce your time calling.
  • languages - this app available in five languages include : Korean, English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese. To change just tap on world icon at right bottom.
This app is available for Android and Apple users. For android users click here and for apple users click here.

Next, buzzKOREA. This app is developed by buzzKOREA, a program, that run by Korea Tourism Organization. This app is different from one I mention. This app not just cover Seoul but entire Korea. The unique side is the app is like sharing knowledge. This app has feature called K-Spot. K-spot is tool to register new recommended place by tourist for other tourist. Besides that, buzzKOREA app also have nearby feature that enable you to know recommended place near you in Korea. So, why you must install this app?

  • recommended place from tourist with K-spot
  • nearby features that enable us to know recommended place around us
  • fun games about Korea
  • recommended video about Korea
To download buzzKOREA app for android users click here and for apple user click here

Seoul walking tour. This app is provide info about 16 tourist attraction in Seoul. This app design like map and you really like doing tour by this app. What you need just choose place you want and hear explanation from the app. This app is provided by Korea Tourism Organization. Download for android user click here and for apple user click here.

GenieTalk. This great app can translate English, Japanese, Korean. This great app will help you when you want ask local people. If you are native speaker, I think it will easier to use speak feature. With this feature just tap speak button, this app will translate what you speak. As non-native speaker I found that sometimes this app doesn't recognize well too. So you can type what you want to speak, the app will translate and read it for you. For android users click here and apple users click here

Sometimes, we need a book too. But we don't want carry a heavy thing so just download e-book. Korea Tourism Organization already provide e-book about Korea. You can download what e-book you want here.