Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bring Korea to Home

What come up to your mind when you read the title? Bring Korea to your Home? Is it possible? Yes, absolutely! You may be have the tools but didn't realize. Even, some of you have own it. The answer is by your television. We can know local news, local trends, anything through television. Thanks to satellite, local platforms, internet, that enable us to access foreign television channel. So these two television channel is accessible around the world. What is that? KBS World TV and Arirang TV

KBS World TV is part of KBS. KBS stand for Korean Broadcasting System, a broadcasting system include radio, television and internet own by government but run independently. KBS was founded in 1920 with name Kyeongseong Broadcasting Corporation. It changed become KBS in 1973. KBS also the leading broadcasting system in Korea. They start only producing program with HD quality since 2012. In Korea KBS have two channel known as KBS 1 and KBS 2. KBS 1 is channel for news, current affairs, and culture while KBS 2 is channel for drama and entertaiment.

Program in KBS World is taken from KBS 1 and KBS 2. Only best program from KBS 1 and KBS 2 that offers to you. KBS World actually is design for international viewers or Korean living abroad. What make this channel so Korean? Content is taken from local content in Korea without dubbing it. Almost program are aired in Korean with subtitle. They have several subtitle option not only English. 

You don't need feel worried of out of date. Almost all drama airing in KBS World is fresh. Keep it mind there is must be a gap with local KBS in Korea. Like drama titled You're the best Lee Soon-Shin airing gap with local KBS in Korea is just 3 weeks. We must understand that they translate it before airing on KBS World.

How about Live program? KBS also have live program like KBS News 9. There is no subtitle in this news program because it's LIVE from KOREA! :D So, if you fluent in Korea you must watch this news to know current news originally from Korea. Besides that there is another program that all k-pop fan around the world may be know, Music Bank. Music Bank on KBS World also live from Korea.

Recommended programs :

  • Vitamin : Reality show about Healthy. This program give recommendation about Health to their viewers. There is a doctor also Korean stars. I think program is really good, and healthy tips will be suitable around the world right?
  • KBS World News Today : News about Korea and the world in English. You can keep up to date to what happened in Korea through this program.
  • Love in Asia : This reality show is showing life marriage between Korean married with other nationalities. Through this show you can learn about Korean culture too. You can know what happened in Korean society.
  • Documentaris : KBS World has many great documentaries. 
How To Get KBS World Channel? You can get it through satellite or subscribe to local provider. This is the local platform that have KBS World Channel around the world. Click here. For viewers in Europe and Middle East can get KBS World channel directly from satellite for free. They also have app that allowed you to watch by your smartphone.

Airang TV is public service run under Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism Korea. It was founded in 1996. This is TV is designated for International viewers to promote Korea around the globe. You can learn everything about Korea from this channel.

Since Arirang is designated for International viewers, main language is English and following with Korean in some programs. But, don't worry, Arirang TV program also really Korean. It has music, food, culture, k-pop, Korean business.

Recommended programs:
  • Bon Voyage : You will fell like travelling in Korea. This program offers viewers to know more about Korea and visiting great places in Korea
  • Tales of Hansik : This program offers you deep explanation about Hansik. Watching this programs make you know more the meaning behind each Korean Food side, take you to know trend in food in Korea.
  • Arirang News : Really great news. Keep you up to date to Korea. Even though, you lived far away from Korea. You can get latest news in Korea from Arirang News.
  • 100 icons Korea : Really suitable for everyone to know more about Korean culture. This program explain deep and specific. 
How to watch? Arirang TV is free, so where ever you are you can get this channel directly from satellite. Other ways, just simply subscribe to your local platform. Arirang is available around the world. For local platform list click here. Like KBS World, Arirang TV also available accessible by app. You can watch Arirang through your smartphone.

Lastly, if you fluent in Korean you may subscribe to Korean TV for Korean in your area. Indonesia, especially Jakarta have K-TV. It's seems that this channel is for Korean living in Indonesia. This channel have variety program from variety local Korean channel like MBC and SBS. Here is the screenshot!


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