Thursday, July 4, 2013

KakaoTalk Plus Friend, a new way to promote!

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Smartphone users around the world are increasing rapidly in recent years. According to total smartphone users is about 1.08 billion. As smartphone users are increased, the way we communicate also changed. While mobile phone just offer SMS that only contain text, smartphone offer mobile messaging app that have sticker, emoticon, and animation to send. In addition, mobile messaging app is able to send photos, it's faster and cheaper than SMS. This changes is the reason why mobile messaging app company born. There are some leading brand in mobile messaging app in the world and one of them is Kakaotalk from Korea!

Kakaotalk come with new ideas and innovation to enrich their mobile messaging app like Plus Friend. Plus friend is one of key feature in Kakaotalk messenger. Plus friend is feature that allow us to friend with artists and brands. When we add artist or brand in Plus Friend we will receive news and updates regularly.  Unlike add friend that need ID or mobile number, we don't need that to add Plus Friends because all Plus Friends lists are provided. When we become friends with artist or brand in Plus Friend we will receive their news and updates regularly.

There are many friends in Plus Friend that we can add. Many brands and artists joining with Plus Friend in Kakaotalk. It may be a your provider, restaurant, movie theater, Korean television, and even smartphone manufacturer brands. Plus Friend also have weathernews that deliver weather prediction to you each morning. Your favorite Korean artists and local artists also available to add in Plus Friend. Plus Friends list is consider your registration location so local artists and local brands will automatically appear in the list.

As many people moving to chat by mesengger than sending SMS. The way promoting through phone also changed. Plus Friend, Kakaotalk innovation feature, made this one! Promote by SMS may be considered as spam by users. It's different when do promotion through Plus Friend. In Plus Friends, users must add their favorite friends in Plus Friend list to receive their push up messages. In addition, you can turn off alert from your Plus Friend if you feel discomfort when hear much alert from it.
With Plus friends, Brands not only send news and updates, but also can send e-coupon. E-coupons include discount coupons and free product coupons. They also can do raffle in Plus Friend to attract more users. Fact that Kakaotalk hit 1 billion users made promoting through Plus Friend is promising.

Free Product serial code & Raffle (lost)
Plus friend offers easiness to artists and brands. Artists that want give their autographed CD or gift to their fan is more easy because Plus Friend can do raffle. Also, brands that want give gift just to lucky winner or give gift based users join the event is a lot easier. Since Plus Friend is a part of software it must have system. Plus Friend can automatically raffle and give result the lucky winner. Plus Friend also can sort 50 first people etc. Besides that, brands can give free gift and discount by sending them e-coupons that contain serial code. This serial code made the promotion keep on track and effective. It will make sure that one users only receive one free gift or discount.

Plus Friend Sherina Munaf
Plus Friend is really smart feature, not only give benefit to brands and artists but also to Kakaotalk. Especially when Kakaotalk penetrate new market or new country. Kakaotalk actively promoting in Indonesia since 2012. Sure, they must do promotions to get new market. Besides TV Advertisment, Plus Friend also attract Indonesian users to Kakaotalk. Kakaotalk cooperate with Indonesian artists like Sherina and Noah to attract new Indonesian user to Kakaotalk. Recently, Sherina made showcase and will invite 200 fans who add her at Plus Friend. This raffle will attract new Indonesian users that like Sherina to install Kakaotalk and add Sherina as their Plus Friend. Now, over 795.000 users friend with Sherina. This also apply to some popular brands in Indonesia. They give discount coupons, free gift, and free product by friend with them in Plus Friend.

Lotte Shopping
Recently, Lotte Shopping Avenue just opened in Indonesia. It's like shopping mall that operated by LOTTE. This shopping mall is new in Indonesia. Firstly they made raffle through Plus Friend, they will give 50.000 Rupiah shopping voucher to 500 lucky winners. Nearly Grand Opening date they sent messages about their Grand Opening and e-coupon for free gift. This is one example promoting through Plus Friend in Kakaotalk. said that in Korea brands must buy packages to join Plus Friends. It's said that the packages is around 18.000 USD till 45.000 USD. This is one of some Kakaotalk income source. As we know Kakaotalk also sell stickers and theme. This innovation made Kakaotalk run in good qualities and free adverstisment. They do advertisment in fun way that benefit each side, developer, brands & artists, and users.

The Face Shop
Free Membership
Now I want tell some promotions through Plus Friend in Indonesia. Running promotions is free Salad on PHD (Pizza Delivery), free 50.000 Rupiah shopping voucher on, free100.000 Rupiah shopping voucher on, and free membership on The Face Shop. In the past they have 15% discount on blitzmegaplex movie theater. Free upsize yoghurt at Sour Sally. Free 5000 Rupiah credit for lucky users at (affiliate with Groupon)

So, let's join KakaoTalk Plus Friend. Make sure that you have KakaoTalk first! :D Since 2012 Plus Friend is available for international user. Everywhere! But, some promo like coupon, raffle, free gift limited to some country. I found that local promo effectively in these following country : Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam.