Wednesday, July 24, 2013

It's Gimbap 김밥!

What do you think when you see rice rolled in laver and have filling in the center? In Indonesia many people may think it's Sushi or Sushi Maki. But, this one is different, it's from Korea! It's Gimbap 김밥! Gimbap looks similar like Sushi Maki but there is essential different. We will found that in next paragraph. Gimbap is popular snack in Korea. According to Gimbap become popular in Korea in 1960s -1970s. Usually people eat Gimbap for picnic or light snack. They also said that in mid-1990s people consumed Gimbap everday. This popularity of Gimbap, create new branding franchise restaurant specialized in Gimbap called "Jongro Gimbap" They create innovation with new fillings like cheese, tuna, and kimchi.
Gimbap at Korean restaurant at my University

So, what's the essential different between Gimbap and Suhsi Maki? Gimbap is very Korean! We can see that by how rice for Gimbap seasoned. Rice for Gimbap is seasoned with sesame oil and salt instead of vinegar, salt, and sugar like sushi rice. In my views, sesame oil is really Korean. Why? Almost base seasoning in Korean food use sesame oil like bibimbap, mushrooms, even meat use sesame oil. Even, make namul use sesame oil. That's why Gimbap is really Korean. The other things is fillings, Gimbap fillings is cooked ingredients like stir-fry minced beef, tuna, cheese, kimchi. Sushi fillings usually is raw fish. Next is presentation, in some restaurant, also in Korea, Gimbap just presented without sauce while sushi usually presented with soy sauce. 
Sesame Oil & Vinegar

So, How to determine this is Gimbap or Suhsi? Just look the fillings in the center and smell of them. If you can smell sesame oil you may say it's Gimbap 김밥! To be sure take a bite!

Gimbap is perfect dish snacks. Every bite of Gimbap give you freshness because they always have pickled radish dan cucumber As we know, Korean food focus on balance food, even this dish snack. It't not only contain beef but also vegetable like carrot and burdock roots. Did you remember about five colors in Korean food? If you take a look to entire gimbap it also consists of five colors. Now, we may understand that Gimbap also can subtitute lunch time when picnic. It's meet nutritional standard and balance. 

Do you think to make this dishes wheter to try, snack for your picnic, or make for the kids? I give a link to original recipe by just click here  If you want make Tuna Gimbap you can use this recipe, provided by Maangchi just click here.

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