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Colors and Korean Food

Eat is a daily routine activity that really important in humans life. Nobody can live longer without eat. Not only prolong humans life, Eat also influence in Humans life. Food, what we eat, influence our character, our health, and even our behavior. Fact that food influence in humans health make people study nutrition. People study to present and make proper and healthy food. As eating is daily routine activities, people want see their dinner interesting, people begin to study how to present food. Even, universities open cooking major. We can say that we need guidance to present and make a food. Long time ago before snacks have nutritional facts and cooking school popular, Koreans already have simple but smart guidance. The guidance that Koreans use is color. Korean foods have five basic color, it's red, green, white, and, black.
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Koreans use this guidance when they serve and present Food. The food must have this five basic color whether as garnished, side dishes, or ingredients itself. This guidance make Korean food balance in harmony. It's also scientifically proven that Korean food is healthy. The research is conduct by Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and medical school of Cheonbuk National University. The research shown that Korean food can lowering insulin resistant, obesity, and, triglycerides level. Triglycerides known lead to heart diseases and stroke. They also found that Korean food can prevent cancer.

The five basic colors come from natural ingredients. It's beautify the food in healthy way. As we know, recently, many food contain artificial food colors that may give bad effect to our Health. In the beginning, beautify the food is to increased appetite. Koreans do this part really nice. Their five basic color philosophy not just beautify the food but also bring healthy benefit. Each color bring Korean to pick ingredients that lead them into Healthy food. So let's reviewing healthy benefit of each color. Let's take a look to some beautiful Korean food.
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When I eat my first Bibimbap it's really amazing because all taste come together in your mouth. That's I called harmony in taste. Besides that, we may change the ingredients as long as it's have same colors it's still Bibimbap. Each ingredients in Bibimbap enrich the taste it's same like the side dishes. The side dishes variety enrich nutrition and flavors. Bibimbap is one representation of five basic colors in Korean food. This is the best intepretation to understand harmony in five basic colors. So, let's take a look to each colors!

Firstly, red, usually presented as red-chili, jujube, and carrot. Red color ingredients usually good for your heart. Carrot are good for your heart because it have beta-carotene, alpha carotene, and lutein. Red-chili proven to reduce cholesterol. Jujube, is good because it is relieves stress and lowering blood pressure. Move to green that considered good to liver. Cucumber known can cleanse your liver by hydrating your liver  that help toxins out from our body. Spinach that neutralizing toxins help our liver not to work much. While white, like radish that can decreases congestion of the respiratory system, considered good to lung. Besides that, white is the important one because rice is staple rice for Koreans. Ingredients with yellow color like potato can treat stomach ulcer. Lastly, black can represent by black that already known for antioxidant. Besides there are many foods represent each colors in Korea that balancing and harmonizing the Food.

Lastly, color philosophy in Korean food is based from Five Theory Elements. This philosophy emphasize in balance and harmony. Not too much is always not good, so, they key is balance in harmony. By balancing our food, we got balance nutrition too that lead to healthy life. Balance food is hard to find nowadays. With this Korea style guide, colors, make sure that everything is balance. You will always have vegetable beside your beef. So, there is no doubt to bring Korean food style to your house, now!

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