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Major Korean Condiment Company

As Korean drama or Korean Film spread around the globe, Love of Korea also spread around the world. Many people are curious about Korea, one way to fulfill it is by learn Korean Culture. It can be start by food because food is a part of culture. It contains stories, history, and word. In addition, many Korean  drama/film presenting Korean food to their viewers. Look at eating scene, good looking actress/actor eat delicious Korean food, will encourage viewers try food they just look. For this reason, many people start to cook Korean food at their home. 

They best way to cook food like it's original is by follow all instruction in recipe. Sometimes cook Korean food need Korean condiments. When we search this on supermarket or Korean supermarket we will found some Korean condiment brand. We may use that for many times. But, How far you know about Korean company that make this condiment? So, let's take a look to little stories about this major Korean condiment company. They are CJ, Daesang, Ottogi, and Sempio!

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Firstly, lets take a look to Cheil Jedang or known as CJ. This company that built in November 1953 originally produced sugar. They don't need take long time to expand their product variety. Its proof by their development, in 1958 they started produced flour and continue in 1975 they produced MSG,in 1979 they produced cooking oil. Now, in condiment sector they produce flour & mixes, gochujang, dashida, sauce, and ssamjang. Their flagship brand is beksul and bibigo! bibigo! is brand for CJ restaurant but this brand also use in gochujang, ssamjang, and sauces. bibigo! is design for International market while beksul is design for Korean market. But you also can find beksul in stores near you. I also have tried use beksul breadcrumbs. So, it's recommended to try their flour (breadcrumbs) and gochujang they have spicy level on their gochujang. In Indonesia you can find CJ products in Lotte Mart, Hero supermarket, or Korean supermarket. So have you seen beksul and bibigo! ?
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Next is Daesang that have brand name CHUNGJUNGONE. This company start their business in 1956 with registered name as Dong-A Hwasung Corp and changed to Miwon in 1962. In the beginning this company just produce MSG but in 1960's they start to produce foodstuff. In 1996 they launched flagship food brand Chungjungone as known today in supermarket. Daesang produce widely condiment like gochujang, ssamjang, doenjang, marinade sauce, corn syrup, and mayonnaise. I recomend to try their marinade sauce, doenjang, gochujang, and seaweed laver too! Besides that, in Indonesia daesang have flagship brand too it's Mama Suka. Mama Suka have lower price than Chungjungone brand. It's easy to find Daesang product in Indonesia because Daesang opened their branch in Indonesia for a long time.

 This one is flagship brand of daesang "Mama Suka" in Indonesia. This is Seaweed laver. Compared to Korean version it's almost have same packaging and look. It's just define by Mama Suka brand and package come in Indonesian language.

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Ottogi! This company have different story for the first production. Ottogi, which built in 1969 as Pung-Lim company, first product is instat curry. The named changed to Ottogi in 1980.This company also contribute innovation to Korean food company like their first instant soup in 1970 and the first mayonnaise in 1972. For condiment category this company produce sesame oil, mayonnaise, ketchup, sauce for marinade, vinegar and variety of cooking oil. Ottogi seems more focus on instant product like ramyeon, curry, canned tune, jam. While Daesang and CJ have some flagship brand, ottogi just have one brand Ottogi! I recomend to try their sesame oil. Ottogi sesame oil have good & long lasting scent! Ottogi product also can be found at major supermarket in Indonesia like Hero and Carrefour.

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Sempio was built in 1946, their first product is soy sauce. For this reaseon, Sempio claim that Sempio is the oldest commercial brand of soy sauce. This company seems focus on soy sauce. They have many variety of soy sauce like Jin Soy Sauce, Low Sodium Soy Sauce, Premium So Sauce, Soy Sauce for Sushi, Seasoning Soy Sauce, Soy Sauce for Soup. They also provide Cyber Plant Tour it's a cyber tour to their soy sauce production process. However, they also produce gochujang, ssamjang, deonjang, marinade sauce, and chili sauce. According to their website, Sempio Soy Sauce selected as No.1 brand in 7 years since 2000.

So, what's your choice? Every company, every brand has its own specialty. Just choose a brand that suit to our taste.