Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Korea Post

Postal service is one of important thing in our life. Even though we live in modern world, a world connected by internet, we still need postal service. Some of us maybe order goods from local or overseas and without postal service it's impossible. When we get a gift, can internet deliver that? Handwriting letter which contain warmth also cannot deliver by internet. Technology improved postal service not erase it.

At the beginning, I write this post after watch a show at KBS World TV. The program name is "Screening Humanity", in that episode is about a man work at Korea Post. The postmen is really loyal and kind I think. He still deliver package even in winter and the snow is bold. It's make me curious about Korea Post. Beside that, I also got some gift from Korea, it's box have Korea Post logo.

(Gift from The Academy of Korean Studies ^^)

After did some searching through some resources like Wikipedia, Korea Post website, and Korea Post Annual Report 2011, I found that Korea Post is really amazing! Koreans love their postal service, Korea Post, It's proven by KCSI (Korean Customer Sastisfaction Index) that Korea Post ranked number 1 for 12 consecutive years. I think Korea Post can achieved that because Korea Post always improve their service by implement newest technology to their postal service such as ePost, ePost Shopping, unmanned Postal Kiosk, Online stamp service, and Postal service via smartphone!

Now we can understand why Korea Post can get rank 1 at KCSI for 12 consecutive years. They really prioritize their customer sastisfaction. Unmmaned postal service allows us to get our package at Korea Post kiosk located at public space and open everyday! This is really suitable for Korea since most of people in Korea busy nowadays. Postal service by smartphone also bring more convenience for customer because they can save their time. Annual report Korea Post said that 280.000 download are record as of late 2011. Online stamp service allow us to buy stamp through internet, we can print that stamp by self . Again we can save our time!

(Gift from Seoul Metropilitan Government ^^)

According to Korea Post Annual report 2011, Korea Post is a government organization attached to Ministry of Knowledge Economy but has self supporting system. Korea post not funded by taxes. This is great right! How great is that? Some postal service in other country funded by taxes! With self supporting system Korea Post still help others. It is said that Korea Post give scholarship for parentless student, giving insurance for low-income workers, providing support for pediatric cancer patients, funding cancer treatment, helping migrant woman that total cost is 34.175 billion KRW!

Lastly, Korea Post is love and care our Earth. It's prove by they made postmen wear from recycled PET bottle. According to Korea Post data up to 11 PET are used for a uniform. They manufactures about 35.000 uniforms and it same as absorb 22.000 kg CO2. To absorb CO2 in that amount, we need 1.300 trees for 50 years. Besides that Korea Post also implement eco-friendly delivery vehicles, fuel saving, and psuhing paperless financial service counter system. After all, I can said that Korea Post is one of best Postal Service company. Korea Post a company that have good management, independent, really serve their customer, and bring happiness for others!

(This photo taken from Korea Post Annual Report 2011 Pdf)