Sunday, April 21, 2013

Korea Indonesia Cultural Corner at University of Indonesia

Hello! How are you? Long time no see! ^o^

Did you know Korean Cultural Center Indonesia at Jakarta? It's place where you can know more about Korea. You can learn about culture, languages, even enjoy K-Pop and K-Drama! There is Korean Language Class, K-Pop Dance class too! KCCI also have library! Moreover you can get information about Korea related event like watch movie together, concert, competition, etc. 

There is good news for University of Indonesia student who like Korea because Korea-Indonesia Cultural Corner just opened. It's similar like KCCI but in smaller size and limited facilities. It's just inaugurated few month ago, December 2012, by Muhammad Nuh (Minister of Education and Culture of The Republic of Indonesia), Kim Young-Sun (South Korean Ambassador to Indonesia), and The Rector of University of Indonesia. This is one of cooperation between University of Indonesia and Republic of Korea. If you want see the inauguration click here. That's photo album by KCCI. 

Even though Korea-Indonesia Cultural Corner not have many facilities like KCCI but you can do some amazing things in here. I just visit Korea-Indonesia Cultural Corner two weeks ago. You can find information about Korea Tourism. There is brochure provided but you cannot take it home. They also provide some computer so you can online. The greatest thing is you can enjoy K-Pop and K-Drama through 3D TV! They have shelf display some Korean Movie, Drama and Music. You just need tell operator what you want to watch and enjoy it! 

I take some photo of Korea-Indonesia Cultural Corner. I just take from outside view because it's prohibited to take inside photo. :(

This is front view of Korean-Indonesia Cultural Corner

Service Hour is from Monday to Friday from 08.00 AM until 04.00 PM

Cooperation with University of Indonesia

Korea-Indonesia Cultural Center already open from six month ago. But, many student at University of Indonesia didn't know where is it. It's located in second floor of ,Crystal of Knowledge, University of Indonesia's new library. I will tell you the direction. First, enter to library area and take lift to second floor. Then, go out from reading room and turn left until end you will find The Korea-Indonesia Cultural Corner. Some of us didn't know this place because the location is almost at the end of second floor left section. So, if you have free time or your class suddenly cancelled and you like Korea just go to this place and have fun! ^^