Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Story to get Korean Studies ---> Indonesian Studies

Im back! haha
My university life just start!  In the past I wrote my experience to get Korean Studies at University of Indonesia, I want finish that story! I take preparation course to take univ entrance exam. There are many trial test. In January my score low, just 400 point. I need 650-675 point to get Korean Studies Major. I study hard and I take trial test 2. But I can't know my score because there are some error on scanning process. I take trial test 3 and my score is Good around 650. After that, 2 month before SNMPTN (National Selection To Study at State University) my score around 650-700. There are 7 trial test in this period.
The day of SNMPTN - I don't know why i made this mistake. My answer sheet was torn because earse it too hard. And the sad things that I cannot change my answer sheet to the new one. But I still did my best to this exam. After the exam day I take course preparation to take SIMAK UI. (This is univ entrance exam like SNMPTN but held by University of Indonesia not by Government of Indonesia) I try to study harder at SIMAK UI preparation Class. Until on 6 July government through SNMPTN official website announce the result. And what I got? I didn't pass the exam. Really sad. And after two days on 9 July I must take SIMAK UI to take chance study at Univesity of Indonesia. In SIMAK UI, I choose 2 major, Korean Studies and Indonesian Studies. Last score on trial test for SIMAK UI  is 730 point, it means i will got Korean Studies Major. But the result is different I got Indonesian Studies not Korean Studies. But I still happy still be gratefull because for this major (Indonesian Studies) there are 438 people aplly and UI only accept 14 students. Even tough I studying Indonesian Studies not Korean Studies I still have interest in Korean Culture. I still like Korea and Indonesia too. :) There are many lessons from this univ entrance exam 1.don't smug - still pray still ask God Help you 2.Do everything without nervous, keep calm! 3.Study hard and don't waste your time!

My God, Jesus Christ, who help me so I can pass this exam.
DR.Pariadji who specially pray for me to be accepted at University of Indonesia
To all teacher, staff and friends at BKB Nurul Fikri, who has teach me like your son, and treat me like family.
To all friends who have been support me and pray for me for this exam. Thank you all! :D