Friday, June 29, 2012

Did you know Kimchi?

Hello everyone! Today I want introduce you about Kimchi. Kimchi is a traditional fermented Korean dish made of vegetables with a variety of seasonings (Wikipedia) Kimchi is have long history, this food not only delicious but also have many benefit to our health! So let's acquainted with kimchi!

First, did you know history of kimchi? said "The first historical record about Korean kimchiis found in Weizhi Dongyi Chuan of Samgukji (the Eastern Barbarian Section of the Book of Wei of the Chronicle of the Chinese Three Kingdoms). It says "Goguryeo people eat vegetables and carry salt from a distant area."
First record about kimchi found in History of Goryeo. Idea of made kimchi because in old times it's hard to find vegetable in winter. The First Kimchi have development like mixed with spices such as garlic, chili, and adding pickled seafood. Today kimchi have many varies it depends on climatic and geographical condition, local specialties, local ingredients, recipes and storage method. Kimchi also have phonetic changes from originated shimchae - dimchae - kimchae - kimchi. And now kimchi become very important to Koreans, quote from KTO website in Joseonmussangsinsigyorijebeop (a cookbook from 1943), it says, "To Koreans, kimchi is next to rice. No matter how sumptuous a feast may be, it cannot be complete without kimchi. Our palate is also accustomed to kimchi; it cannot go without it. It is indeed precious. Among things we ask of others, asking for jang and kimchi is a huge embarrassment." Like instead saying "cheese" while being photographed Koreans say "kimchi!" Even today available kimchi refrigerator, a refrigerator designed specifically to meet storage requirements of various kimchi types, including temperature control and different fermentation processes. Consumer survey in korea (2004) say that kimchi refrigerator is the most wanted household appliance for Korean housewives.

Now lets learn about variety of kimchi! 
According to, this is variety of kimchi:
  • Geotjeori is Fresh napa cabbage leaves dressed in kimchi sauce and served as a side dish. This kimchi similar to baechu-kimchi but this kimchi can served immediately without wait several days for fermentation proccess.
  • Kkakdugi is Diced radish kimchi seasoned with chili powder, leek, garlic, and fish sauce. Usually served with ox bone soup. It sontain Korean parsley, green onion, pickled shrimp, and oyster. 
  • Nabak-kimchi is A pink-tinged kimchi made with napa cabbage, thinly-sliced radish, and minari (Korean parsley) in water. It contain salt square-sliced radish, spices like red chili pepper, green onion, garlic and ginger, and pour kimchi liquor.
  • Baechu-kimchi is Cured and fermented napa cabbage kimchi mixed with julienned white radish, leek, garlic, ginger, red chili powder, salt and fish sauce. This is the most common kind of kimchi. 
  • Baek-kimchi is A mild variety of kimchi made with cured napa cabbage, Korean pear, and minari. This kimchi not use chili powder!
  • Bossam-kimchi is Royal court kimchi wrapped around oyster, squid, Korean pear, and radish. 
  • Oi-sobagi is Cucumber kimchi filled with chives, chili powder and garlic, and seasoned with fish sauce.
Don't forget to watch this video about kimchi from Arirang TV, in Tasty Trail with Benjamin, He short explain about variety of kimchi!

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