Monday, March 5, 2012

Wanna watch Korean Drama Online? Mau nonton drama Korea Online?

Have you watch Dream High, Babyfaced Beauty, My Fair Lady, Mary Stayed Out All Night?? Are you miss them? Good news for you! Seoul Metropolitan Government give you chance to watch these Drama from their website.

Ok, now how to watch these Drama?
  • Select Drama you want to watch example Dream High
  • Click Expand button (4)
  • Select Episode you want to watch (5)
  • To Fullscreen, double click on movie (6)
  • Enjoy your movie!!! 
And you need windows media player too to watch from this Drama (Like Streaming live tv). Thanks to Seoul Metropolitan Government and KBS! I think after watch this movie you more want to visit Korea especially Seoul, right? So don't forget to read information about that in Seoul Metropolitan Government Website too! :D