Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Story to get Korean Language Major! (1)

Hi! Back again, start today I will update my blog regulary. I need space to sharing. haha. I will share my experience to get Korean Language Major. In Indonesia only 3 university offer Korean Language Major and only 2 offer Bachelor Degree, UI (University of Indonesia) UGM (Gadjah Mada University). I must take SNMPTN to get this major because these universities is National University.

At UI there is two way to get this major thru SNMPTN and SIMAK UI. SNMPTN is National Exam Held by Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia and SIMAK UI exam in National Scale held by University of Indonesia. Recently many people apply this major (Korean Language Major) I heard last year more than 1000 applicant apply Korean Language Major at UI. As long as I know this selection method is choose applicant with highest score with quota. Example at this major they will choose 16 applicant with highest score.

Now my activity is preparing for this exam. I really want get Korean Language Major. haha. And last week I was take try out (its like prediction test) but the result not good. I must study harder. I still lack around 200 point.